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Jim & Jacqueline Grandt

Grandt Industries Inc. offers you the finest most reliable products made today. Whether you are looking for the finest fishing rod, the largest fishing rod repair service, split bamboo refinishing of your classic rod, or the golf club to give you the longest and straightest drive, Grandt delivers. Try our All American Pro Series fishing rods, or the upgraded XLH70 series for the ultimate sensitivity in fishing. Our All American Pro Series and our XLH70 fishing rods have an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, the absolute finest in the industry. WE DELIVER PROMPTLY!

All rods are made in the USA with the finest components available and come with a Lifetime Warranty. The blanks are designed by a former Heddon Rod Company designer Jim Grandt to the exact specifications. The Production Line Custom features are no doubt the finest in the world. All designs are unique fast action, with extreme high modulus material. The fibers used are all high strain graphite utilizing the thinner wall diameters and reducing weight in the rod blanks.

Multi-piece rods are designed with the high- tech tip over butt ferrule system. As the ferrules wear with time, the tapers are matched within thousandths to always have the proper fit and strength necessary. Rods are never cut to add the ferrule joining the sections, they are all produced and manufactured individually so the ferrules flex with the rod blank just like a one piece rod. All of the exclusive fly, spin and cast and conventional rods follow this leading technology.

Saltwater Standup Rods are also unique to the industry. Blended materials give a very strong blank and smaller diameter with utmost lifting power. Blanks contain graphite high strain butts with the finest Eglass overlay completing a 3 step blank process. This is new technology and the materials used are blended to the exact specifications needed to provide the angler great lifting power and reduced weight in their off shore rods. Black gloss epoxy finish is applied by hand on each blank to insure extra resistance to abuse while fighting your trophy catch.

Bay Rods, Spin, Conventional, Cast rods are available in a few different materials, each complimenting the nature of the high strain graphite. The Graphite known as XLH70KV is high strain fiber running lengthwise bringing unique tapers and fast actions. In the Salt designs, added power is known in the rear section of the rods. This allows ultimate power for lighter applications. Casting and also drifting this extreme sensitive material gives more feel than any other material on the market today.

Reserve Power KV uses the great properties of the XLH70KV but gives added cross fibers in the graphite rear section. Mainly used on medium action to heavy action Bay Rods, this feature just enhances the rear power of light rods to push the limits without adding more weight to the rods. Wall diameters are kept thin to enhance the action. These are available in most fly rods, spin and conventional models. Fly rods with the Reserve Power feature will load quicker and easier allowing further and more accurate casting with no wobble in the rod or dampening effects. The rod will have the power to throw the line through the wind with complete accuracy at all times. The extremely durable Triangular Fly Seat is used to give even greater balance and durability with this fine crafted rod.

All Stainless guides used on conventional rods are heavy stainless rings with utmost durability. No rings to knock out or chip. Tough frames and heavy wall guides perform with excellence on all heavy action rods where durability and guide weight difference is not critical.
Titanium Frame and Ring Guides are very light weight and unique to the industry. These guides flex with the rod and are the very lightest guides on the market today. Gunmetal frame color with silver titanium rings are a great choice for lighter action rods reducing the total weight of the rod. Single foot guides are used for ultimate flex and reduced weight on spinning rods. Double foot casting guides are always used on conventional and casting rods.

Guides used on Saltwater fly rods are the Titanium Frame and Ring Guides with solid stainless high grade wire snake guides. These allow the line to flow further with oversized tops, no single foot guides here. There is less abrasion and more space for the line to flow through. Oversized tops decrease the resistance and allows for more distance in casting accuracy. When teamed up with the Reserve Power KV component features there is no better combination.

The finish used on all rods is the clearest on the market. The finish is a blend of epoxy and polymer and the extra gloss allows great flex to the rod. Very tough finish gives you the best saturation on the windings. This is extremely important in the durability of the wraps in keeping water off the back side of the windings. This heavy flow look is applied thinner than water.

Glue used on the rods are all SLOW SETTING EPOXY. 24 Hour set is used to give you the strongest finest bond made. All are 100% waterproof bond EPOXY.
Triangle reel seats give a flat spot to secure the reel. This prevents any wobble and gives a true balance leaving you the triangle point balanced with the bottom side of the rod or top side on fly rods. Equal balance gives you a perfect feel and no better lineup with the hoods.

The Channel lock seats offer a sliding hood and great lineup every time. Lighter weight and solid lineup is key with top quality components. Reduced weight from the aircraft aluminum seats give nothing but TOP QUALITY. Sizes available are from medium weight rods to heavy actions in spinning and conventional use. Graphite inserts are added to reduce any lockup in saltwater or corrosion inside the hoods.

Top quality graphite reel seats with stainless hoods have coarse graphite threads to keep the seats from stripping out with added pressure. The weight is reduced with graphite seats and prevent any chance of corrosion. Available in Casting with trigger, Spin, and Conventional.

AA grade cork grips from Portugal give pure quality and lightness to the machined handles. Custom lengths and sizes are machined from nothing but the finest AA grade cork.

The unique, top quality Closed Cell Foam handle is highly recommended on Standup rods and saltwater spin, conventional and saltwater fly rods. This dense material deflects any water saturation and is a big plus. This is the best foam on the market anywhere. It allows for a very firm and comfortable feel for fighting any trophy. This material offers a strong resistance to tears and is extremely durable in and out of rod holders. It has a unique look and is available in a variety of colors including black and grey, black and white splash, or blue and purple splash.

The new Carbon Fiber Handle is one of tubular style and extremely high modulus woven fiber. The lightest handle component available provides the greatest, most sensitive feel and is offered in custom lengths to any degree. Bushings center the lightweight carbon fiber handle on the shaft and give the exact length and balance necessary in building the perfect rod. This handle gives the graphite-to-graphite blank connection. This translates into the most sensitive rod on the market today. The trim is a high density EVA foam and the tapered fore grips give the feel and comfort to fish all day and without fatigue. Team this up with the Channel lock lightweight reel seat and you have the very best features and material available. The EVA foam butt cap is durable and lightweight keeping weight off the back of the rod. This is the finest quality handle offered.

When nothing but the very finest features are offered you have to feature the Exotic Feather Weave. The most unique feathers are used in production of this series and are flown in from around the world. They are hand trimmed and inlayed into the rod butt giving a most unique look. This enhances the look of your high quality rod and does not effect the rod flex. Each rod is completely unique and no two are exactly alike. This process is unique to the industry and the beautiful clear luster applied with several coats enhances all the beauty of the colored feathers. This rich and powerful look enhances all the other options, on the FINEST RODS IN THE WORLD.

When combining all the components offered, hundreds of the finest quality blanks and models and the expertise in building rods for more than 41 years, these are the Finest Fishing Rods in the World. They are sought after by Presidents of the United States, Presidents and Leaders of other countries, Tournament Anglers, other fishing-related companies and to the every day angler that simply wants the best. Great pride is taken in these lines of high quality products and the knowledge of bringing to the table nothing but the finest is what is offered here. Combining the component listings, high tech carbon handles, and unique actions and blank materials, there is no finer rod made in the world.