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Rod Series Descriptions


40 years of engineering with Grandts innovative designs leads this fine series into the next generation of the highest quality rods in the industy.  High modulus proprietary high strain carbon fiber with unique layout patterns provides ultra-power,  sensitivity and unmatched feel in your Fin-S 22 rod series. Using our expertise in design running the premium carbon twill NOT TAPE into the design brings you a super fast action with great hook setting ability. In Addition to all the features listed above, the NEW carbon core design boasts extra feel like you have not seen before. This high quality FIN-S 22 comes standard with a carbon reel seat with texillium insert, machined double locking nuts, PVD coated CNC machined titanium guides, AAA cork grips compliment this line. GRANDT RODS OFFERING YOU THE FINEST DESIGN TECHNOLOGY of the Future after 40 years is dedicated to all the finesse applications for the angler. Rod Color is Polished Carbon-Ebony.   FOLLOW THE LEADER !


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The Grandt Slam Series is a combination of High Strain Carbon Fiber, Power and Sensitivity in the rod with fast action for added lifting power and the quickest hookset for the angler. These models are designed with the newest increased hoop strength technology giving you extremely lightweight rods, with upgraded machined stainless guides, PVD Coated which is super hard and durable and safe for all line types. AAA cork handles with custom splash silver and black cushioned reel seats come standard on this high performance line. The color of the rod blanks are Dark Emerald Transparent Gloss Green in color, dark green windings with the power and flex to be used in Fresh or Saltwater due to PVD Coatings on the CNC Machined Guide Frames and Rings. After more than 3 plus decades we have designed a purebred line that you can use for many techniques all with one model rod. This is a very high performance design by Jim Grandt using several tapers and flex technology similar to the Payara and Cuda line but made an even lighter more sensitive rod with faster action. Combining 4 integral proprietary patterns in manufacturing with our team, we bring you our Newest line of high quality products, the “Grandt Slam”


CUDA Series

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With 39 years of proven experience in the industry, the CUDA Series is designed and engineered with cutting edge technology by Jim Grandt, President of Grandt Industries, Inc.  The CUDA Series is the Big Brother to our Industry leading Payara Series developed in 2012.  The CUDA Series offers more power, control and sensitivity than any other line offered by Grandt. With the latest increased hoop strength technology in manufacturing,  the CUDA series brings the angler  more sensitivity and reduces the total weight of the rod which offers even  more  hook setting power with top end components.  With added high tensile strength and high strain carbon fiber twill in the rear section of the rod, the CUDA series boasts unmatched power in each and every model.  The Cuda Series comes in a deep marine blue gloss color with 2 coats of super hard epoxy clear coat on the blank to protect the carbon fibers from wear and tear.  High carbon twill material is co-blended with our high modulus material in the rear section of each CUDA series rod giving you a faster taper, increased line pick-up and power in each desired model.  These rods are extremely lightweight with nothing but the finest custom components to compliment the awesome innovative  technology offered by Grandt Industries, Inc., an experienced  leader in the industry for 39 years.  



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The Payara Series
 was designed by Jim Grandt, President of Grandt Industries, Inc. for 2012 / 2013 to offer something extremely special to the rod industry. High Modulus Hi Strain Material in a deep gloss burgundy finish, with increased hoop strength manufacturing technique reducing rod weight and increasing rod sensitivity. This exclusive technology and design by Grandt Industries Inc. is available in models from 5'6 thru 7'6, in all the popular weights and actions in the Payara Series or Payara Reserve Power Series with KV material as an option. Co Bonding and Special blending of materials in the rear section of the rod blank increases lifting power, hook set and control without adding weight to the rod itself.

Matching custom burgundy splash reel seats were exclusively designed by Grandt Industries, Inc. for the Payara Featherweight Series. Guides with CNC machined stainless rings with stainless frames, compliment this series brought to you by Grandt Industries, Inc. The Payara Featherweight Series is 30% lighter than the High Modulus XLH70 or XLH70 Reserve Power Series, with even more sensitivity and power. It is available with optional Full Feather Weave, Snakeskin Inlay, Carbon Handles or Standard Wrap Design with AAA Cork Grip with machined Cork Composite butt cap. 


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Step up to the 78 Million high modulus graphite XLH70 Series by Grandt.  The choice of many Professional Anglers, weekend warriors, and anglers requiring the finest in sensitivity and power.  Unidirectional high strain graphite, titanium oxide guides, fixed graphite cushioned reel seats, AA straight cork grips, epoxy finished thread wraps. Options include feather inlays, thread patterns, alternative guides, reel seats and handles and  fish decals.

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Great power complementing the original  78 Million high modulus graphite XLH70 series. Professional Anglers and weekend warriors love the added power in the rear section.  Great value with minimal costs between the standard XLH70 series and the Reserve Power models.  Reserve power in the rod butt with added cross weave of graphite material in rear 1/3 of rod, giving more lifting power and control with hookup & fighting fish.   Added butt stiffness without added weight to the rod.  As with XLH70, all options are available

TiTech Advantage
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One material blended with KV in the entire blank to make ultra thin wall diameters giving you our weightless feel with the fastest actions.  Extreme lightweight design, high strain TiTech material for ultimate sensitivity, great power, small diameter due to such high tensile strength, titanium guides, nitrite finished machined stainless rings, cushioned graphite seats, with cork or closed cell foam grips, or our Carbon Graphite handle design,  industry leading technology design. As with XLH70, all options are available.

Composite Trolling
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Great forgiving tapers with progressive flex design. Trolling, or drifting with a super soft feel but magnificent power with blended materials.  High modulus graphite plus Eglass, double foot titanium guides or single foot on spin design, cushioned reel seat, cork grips, long 12" rear grip, 3" fore grips come standard.

EGlass Bass Crankin'
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THE ULTIMATE BASS FISHERMANS FAVORITE TO CRANK. Nothing better on the market!  High strain EGlass, KV scrim, lightweight, ultrasoft flex, titanium oxide guides, cushioned seats, AA straight cork.

XLH70 Musky & Saltwater
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Musky and Saltwater Power. Fast tip designs, multi layered butt sections, heavy wall and powerful action, rocket casting and lifting power.  78 Million modulus graphite, titanium oxide guides, graphite cushioned reel seats, oversized cork grips, extra high strain material. Closed cell foam grips, or Carbon graphite handles are optional on all rods

XLH70 & Reserve Power Fly Series
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This series was designed for the avid fly fisherman who wants to pick up the line speed with superior ease in loading and follow through with greater casting distance.  78 Million high modulus, unidirectional high strain graphite, titanium stripping guides, polished stainless snakes, tops with oversized loops for maximum casting distance, standard tapered grip, custom machined fly seats with titanium or machined aluminum, advanced tapered ferrules with matching internal tapers as part of the blank for lifetime wear guarantee, traditional wraps, fast with moderate taper design, reserve power series picks up the line speed with extra power, better than our best selling XLH70 series,  without adding weight.  Allows even greater casting distance and lifting power and is extremely easy to load. Available in 2-3-4 & 5pc Fresh and Saltwater Models. Don't forget to check out our Tuna Spectacular fly rods. 

XLH70 Spey Fly
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78 million modulus material with KV butt sections for the most discriminating and demanding Spey angler. Moderate-fast powerful butt sections with accelerating tip load for distance 2 handed casting and accuracy. 3-step blank design for lightweight technology transferring the load evenly and allowing supreme control.  Extra special traditional custom cork, 2 handed AAA grips, uniquely machined Spey reel seat, titanium guides with nitrite coated rings used for stripping and ultimate durability, followed up with oversized machined stainless snake guides.

XLH70 Switch Fly Moderate - Fast
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78 million modulus material with KV butt sections. Designed to be easily cast with 2 handed method or  single handed fly casting technique.  This is an older design that has been brought back to accommodate distance fly casting techniques without committing to a full 2 handed fly grip. A traditional mid-sized custom grip with unique machined reel seat in combination so the rod is passed easily from 2 handed cast to single handed fly casting. 3-Step blank process keeps these rods very easily loaded and distance casting is accomplished with ease for the beginner or the professional angler.

XLH70 & Reserve Power, Steelhead & Salmon Series
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Ultra sensitive and powerful designs with 78 Million high modulus unidirectional graphite gives great sensitivity and strength.  AA cork grips, titanium oxide guides, graphite cushioned seats, multiple actions and styles from ultra soft thru powerful butt strength models for control in fast water conditions.  Specify Michigan or Long handle designs. Custom Handles are always offered on this series for the utmost satisfaction.

XLH70KV Saltwater StandUp
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Small diameter, lightweight design,3 Step Process,  heavy wall, but multi directional pattern.  78 Million high modulus, high strain graphite with KV blended material for quick tips and utmost lifting power. Double foot guides, closed cell foam grips, channel lock reel seats, with or without gimbal, standard wraps.  Lightweight, durable and fast action designs.  Graphite Slick Butts available.

XLH70 Surf Series
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From the South, North, East or West, these are the most powerful distance casting rods on the market today. Conventional or Spin with 78 Million high modulus, unidirectional high strain graphite, graphite cushioned reel seat, double foot titanium oxide guides, cork tape or graphite shrink tube handle.  Options include ONLY titanium guides with nitrite frame.  Extra load rear section for optimal distance casting is the Prize of this series.

All American Pro Series
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58 mil modulus material with more than 20 years of fine tuning. Whether you're a Tournament Pro, weekend warrior, or a serious angler this series provides powerful and sensitive non stop action. All graphite is run lengthwise with fast taper design.  Titanium oxide guides, AA cork grips, and EVA saltwater grips, graphite cushioned reel seats and epoxy finished thread wraps.

Arlington Fly Series
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Grandt Industries Arlington Fly Series is constructed with High Strain, High Modulus, Carbon Fiber blanks, AAA cork Grips, CNC Machined Stainless Stripping Guides, with Stainless snake guides and oversized loop tip. Machined up locking fly reel seat compliment this Lifetime Warranty Series by Grandt Industries. The Arlington Fly series is a special release during Grandt Industries 35th Anniversary. Each fly rod is complete with a custom machined aluminum case and cloth bag. Grandt Industries Inc. rods are Proudly Handcrafted in the USA

All American Pro Series Steelhead Spin
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58 mil modulus material, powerful butt section, soft tip sections to feel the lightest bite. Available in 2 handle designs, tip over butt ferrules with reinforced taper design. Lineal design for great power, titanium oxide guides, AA cork grips, graphite cushioned reel seats and  epoxy finished thread wrap.

Tonkin Cane Series by Grandt - USA MADE
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Gulf of Tonkin Cane, flamed for tempering, only the finest craftsmanship for these world renowned favorites, largest selection of actions in spin, cast, troll, fly & conventional - only by Grandt Industries, Inc.   Tonkin Cane by Grandt is the the classic,  hand split Tonkin Cane rods and are the most unique rods in the industry, offering you the widest selection of cane from the Gulf of Tonkin anywhere in the world. From saltwater to freshwater ultra midge fly rods, we take the craftsmanship to the next level. Option for option we offer the finest, full flex traditional feel, parabolic rods available today. All cane rods are hand split and tapered to the highest quality standards. A dual flaming process is performed for the utmost tempering of the fine tapers. Fly rods come with standard stainless snake guides and stainless stripping guide. Wine colored wraps are standard with nickel silver ferrules.  Spin rods come standard with titanium guides, nitrite coated  machined stainless rings. Cast or conventional rods are matched up with stainless ring guides and tip or titanium guides, nitrite coated machined stainless rings. All spin and cast rods include the plated brass reel seats with or without trigger.  Whether it is our traditional line of Tonkin Cane rods or the Ultimate Limited Edition Tonkin Cane Rods (only 12 per year), we offer you something extremely special and unlike anything else in the world. All options available.

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