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CUDA Series


With 37 years of proven experience in the industry, the CUDA Series is designed and engineered with cutting edge technology by Jim Grandt, President of Grandt Industries, Inc.  The CUDA Series is the Big Brother to our Industry leading Payara Series.  The CUDA Series offers more power, control and sensitivity than any other line offered by Grandt. With the latest increased hoop strength technology in manufacturing,  the CUDA series brings the angler  more sensitivity and reduces the total weight of the rod which offers even  more  hook setting power with top end components.  With added high tensile strength and high strain carbon fiber twill in the rear section of the rod, the CUDA series boasts unmatched power in each and every model.  The Cuda Series comes in a deep marine blue gloss color with 2 coats of super hard epoxy clear coat on the blank to protect the carbon fibers from wear and tear.  High carbon twill material is co-blended with our high modulus material in the rear section of each CUDA series rod giving you a faster taper, increased line pick-up and power in each desired model.  These rods are extremely lightweight with nothing but the finest custom components to compliment the awesome innovative  technology offered by Grandt Industries, Inc., an experienced  leader in the industry for 37 years. 

The CUDA Series is designed for Fresh or Salt Water fishing.

Standard Options on the CUDA Series are:

  • Line Guides are CNC Machined Stainless rings set into a stainless 1-pc frame with black chromed finish.  No need to worry about braid damaging the guides .  1-pc single foot guides are  on the spinning rods and double foot  1-pc frame  guides compliment the casting series.
  • Specially designed and  engineered cushioned graphite reel seats, with unique graphite twill pattern designed by Jim Grandt add a custom touch to this series.
  • Cork Grips are AAA grade, with ultra small 1 inch foregrips with straight contoured rear grip giving you the lightweight sensitivity and comfort.
  •  Wraps on the CUDA Series are a deep marine blue color to compliment the other quality components used.  Then a slow set gloss high-build finish secures the wrappings of the guides. The CUDA Series is backed with our 32 years of experience,  Industry leading Lifetime Warranty, made in the USA.
  • This series is available with all of our custom features listed on our “options available” page on the website including carbon fiber handles, snake,  and feather weaves.
Keith Yaddaw
Caught on the 7’
Med Hvy Cuda

Brian Belevender
Caught on 7’ Med Lt Cuda
Steven Balogh
Caught on the 7’ Med Cuda


(The line weights for these models are in Monofilament, simply double the line weight for the recommended braid specifications)



Model  LG     Action/line wt          Pcs  Recommended Use Cost  
CUS160ML  6’0 Medium Lt 8-12 Ln 1 Walleye, Bass, Lite Jig
Finesse, Porgy, Perch
CUS166ML  6’6 Medium Lt 8-12 Ln 1 Walleye, Bass, Lite Jig,
crank,  Finesse, Fluke,
Sm Bass, Perch
CUS166M  6’6 Medium 8-15Ln 1 Bass, Jigging, Pike,
Spinners Buzz Bait,
Lg. Crank, Fluke
CUS170ML  7’0 Medium Lt 8-12 Ln 1 Bass, Tubes, Sm Bass,
Finesse, Jigging walleye,
Crankbait, Drop, Shot,
CUS170M  7’0 Medium 8-15Ln 1 Bass, Striper, Buzz Bait,
Spinner, Crankbait, Pike,
Fluke, Redfish, Permit,
CUS170MH  7’0 Medium Hvy 10-17 Ln 1 Bass, Striper, Bucktail,
Carolina Rig, Pike,
Bluefish, Bull Redfish,
Jigging, Permit, Snapper



Model  LG Action/line wt Pcs Recommended Use Cost  
CUC166M 6’6 Medium 8-15 Ln 1 Bass, Jigging, Spinners,
Buzz Bait, Crankbait,
Pike, Pitching
CUC170ML 7’0 Medium Lt. 8-12 Ln 1 Crankbait, Spinners, Finesse,
tubes,  Bass, Walleye ,
Lt Jigging, Sm Bass
CUC170M 7’0 Medium 8-15 Ln 1 Bass, Jigging, Spinners,
Tubes, Pike, Fluke,
Stripers, Bluefish,Pitching
CUC170MH  7’0 Medium Hvy 10-17 Ln 1 Bass, Striper, Bluefish,
Redfish, Jigging, Carolina rigs,
Pike,Spoons, Fluke,
Permit, Snapper
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