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Grandt Slam & EXT Series

The Grandt Slam Series is a combination of High Strain Carbon Fiber, Power and Sensitivity in the rod with fast action for added lifting power and the quickest hookset for the angler. These models are designed with the newest increased hoop strength technology giving you extremely lightweight rods, with upgraded machined stainless guides, PVD Coated which is super hard and durable and safe for all line types. AAA cork handles with custom splash silver and black cushioned reel seats come standard on this high performance line. The color of the rod blanks are Dark Emerald Transparent Gloss Green in color, dark green windings with the power and flex to be used in Fresh or Saltwater due to PVD Coatings on the CNC Machined Guide Frames and Rings. After more than 3 plus decades we have designed a purebred line that you can use for many techniques all with one model rod. This is a very high performance design by Jim Grandt using several tapers and flex technology similar to the Payara and Cuda line but made an even lighter more sensitive rod with faster action. Combining 4 integral proprietary patterns in manufacturing with our team, we bring you our Newest line of high quality products, the “Grandt Slam”



2022 THE NEW GRANDT SLAM EXT SERIES  CARBON CORE  DESIGN AVAILABLE NOW  .  Grandt Slam EXT brings you more sensitivity than before with a huge upgrade into our latest Carbon Core Design. Thinner wall diameter reduces the weight even more, and the carbon core brings you superior strength with ultimate semi fast action and sensitivity. This series still includes all our fine quality components with our Splash black and silver reel seat design, AAA cork grip, PVD Coated CNC machined stainless guides, and the rod color is Dark Emerald Green.  AVAILABLE NOW in all your popular actions and powers. GRANDT SLAM EXT  

Grandt Slam EXT Spinning Rods          Recommended Use and Technique

GEXS160M    6'0   Med 8-15    1pc  walleye, bass, crappie, perch, jigging,    $409.00

GEXS163M    6'3   Med 8-15    1 pc  walleye, bass perch jigging                     $409.00

GEXS166M    6'6   Med 8-15    1 pc  walleye, jig, bass, porgy, fluke                $409.00

GEXS166ML  6'6   ML   8-12    1 pc  walleye, drop shot, bass, perch              $409.00

GEXS170ML  7'0   ML   8-12    1 pc  walleye, crankbait, drop shot, tube        $419.00

GEXS170M    7'0   Med 8-15    1 pc  bass, jig, tube, spinnerbait, buzz            $419.00

GEXS170MH  7'0  MH  10-17   1 pc  bass, carolina rig, jig, tube, topwater     $419.00

Grandt Slam EXT Casting Rods        Recommended Use and Technique 

GEXC163M    6'3   Med 8-15     1pc  bass, pitch, jig, tube, crank                    $409.00

GEXC166M    6'6   Med 8-15     1 pc  bass, pitch, tube, spinner, crank           $409.00

GEXC166MH  6'6  MH  10-17    1 pc  bass, pitch, jig, crank, topwater            $409.00

GEXC170M    7'0  Med  8-15     1 pc bass, crank, tube, twitch, pitch              $419.00

GEXC170MH 7'0   MH  10-17    1 pc bass, pike, crank, tube, carolina, jig      $419.00



Brian Belevender    Devin Miller
Caught on the 7’ Med Lt Grandt Slam
Jacqueline Grandt
    Caught on a 6’6 Med
Lt Grandt Slam
Bert Saxon
      Caught on 7’ Med
Lt Grandt Slam




GRANDT SLAM Spinning Rods   Recommended Use and Technique    
GXPS160M 6'0

8-15 ln

1 pc Walleye, Bass, Lt Jig, Finesse, Porgy, Perch, River Jigging $389.00
GXPS166ML 6’6 Med Lt
8-12 ln
1 pc Walleye, Bass, Jig, Finesse, Buzz Bait, Crank, Panfish $399.00
GXPS166M 6’6

8-15 ln

1 pc Bass, Jig, Pike, Spinners, Buzz Bait, Crank, Fluke $399.00
GXPS170ML 7’0 Med Lt
8-12 ln
1 pc Walleye, Drop Shot, Crank, Finesse, Spinner, Tube Mahi $399.00
GXPS170M 7’0 Med
8-15 ln
1 pc Bass, Walleye, Jig, Spinner, Spoon, Mahi, Pike, Snook $409.00
GXPS170MH 7’0 Med Hvy 10-17 1 pc Pike, Carolina, Bass, Jig, Redfish, Bucktail, Bluefish, Striper $419.00


GRANDT SLAM Casting Rods   Recommended Use and Technique    
GXPC166ML 6’6 Med Lt 8-12 ln 1 pc Bass, Walleye, Jig, Crankbait, Buzz Bait, Tube, Finesse $399.00
GXPC166M 6’6 Med 8-15 ln 1 pc Bass, Jig, Spoon, Pike, Spinner, Buzz Bait, Crank, Hair Jig $399.00
GXPC170ML 7’0 Med Lt 8-12 ln 1 pc Tube, Crank, Walleye, Spinner, Bass, Drop Shot, Finesse $399.00
GXPC170M 7’0  Med 8-15 ln 1 pc Tube, Bass, Crank, Spinner, Pike, Spoon, Mahi, Snook $409.00
GXPC170MH 7’0 Med Hvy 10-17 1 pc Pike, Carolina, Bass, Jig, Spoon, Mahi, Snook, Redfish $419.00


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