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Payara Featherweight & EXT Series



The Payara Series was designed by Jim Grandt, President of Grandt Industries, Inc. for 2012 / 2013 to offer something extremely special to the rod industry. High Modulus Hi Strain Material in a deep gloss burgundy finish, with increased hoop strength manufacturing technique reducing rod weight and increasing rod sensitivity. This exclusive technology and design by Grandt Industries Inc. is available in models from 5'6 thru 7'6, in all the popular weights and actions in the Payara Series or Payara Reserve Power Series with KV material as an option. Co Bonding and Special blending of materials in the rear section of the rod blank increases lifting power, hook set and control without adding weight to the rod itself.

Matching custom burgundy splash reel seats were exclusively designed by Grandt Industries, Inc. for the Payara Featherweight Series. Guides with CNC machined stainless rings with stainless frames, compliment this series brought to you by Grandt Industries, Inc. The Payara Featherweight Series is 30% lighter than the High Modulus XLH70 or XLH70 Reserve Power Series, with even more sensitivity and power. It is available with optional Full Feather Weave, Snakeskin Inlay, Carbon Handles or Standard Wrap Design with AAA Cork Grip with machined Cork Composite butt cap. Standard Options are listed below:


Payara Featherweight Series features the finest Super Ultra Lightweight components available to compliment the ultra lightweight technology constructed in this series by Grandt Industries, Inc. Each Payara Series rod comes standard with AAA cork machined grips, AAA cork lightweight composite butt cap, Custom matched burgundy colored splash reel seat, CNC machined stainless rings, set into black hard chrome stainless frames with matching tops. Wraps are complimented with the finest silk matching burgundy colored thread with multiple sealed slow set gloss hi build finish, backed by our Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA.


2022 THE NEW PAYARA EXT SERIES CARBON CORE DESIGN AVAILABLE NOW. Engineering and design with even more sensitivity than before with our carbon core technology. This gives you an even lighter weight rod, more sensitivity with high strain carbon including uni directional patterns. Premium Carbon Twill is added in the rear section of the rod giving you the backbone needed with a more parabolic and softer action. The Payara EXT is simply one of our long time favorites and we have made it even better with our proprietary carbon core design. The Payara EXT includes our burgundy Splash reel seats, AAA cork grips, PVD coated CNC machined stainless guides are standard upgrades included in our Payara EXT Series. NOW AVAILABLE  in all your popular actions and powers, rod color is Translucent Burgundy, PAYARA EXT industry leading. 

Payara EXT Spinning Rods       Recommended Use and Techniques 

PEXS160ML   6'0  ML 8-12  1 pc  walleye, bass, jig, live bait           $420.00

PEXS160M     6'0 Med 8-15  1 pc bass, walleye, jig, spin, perch     $420.00

PEXS166ML   6'6 ML 8-12   1 pc drop shot, walleye, bass, perch   $449.00

PEXS166M     6'6 Med 8-15 1 pc walleye, bass, crank, jig, spin       $449.00

PEXS166MH  6'6 MH 10-17 1 pc bass, jig, tube, pike, spin, spoon  $449.00

PEXS170ML  7'0 ML  8-12   1 pc  drop shot, walleye, bass, jig,        $459.00

PEXS170M    7'0 Med 8-15  1 pc  bass, spin walleye, tube, snook   $459.00

PEXS170MH 7'0 MH 10-17  1 pc pike, carolina, tube, jig , bass        $459.00

PEXS170H   7'0 Hvy 12-20  1 pc pike, bass, small tarpon, spoon    $459.00

PEXS176ML 7'6 ML  8-12   1 pc walleye, bass, snook, spinner,       $489.00

PEXS176MH 7'6 MH 10-17 1 pc jig, carolina, pike, snook, inshore  $489.00

Payara EXT Casting Rods    Recommended Use and Techniques 

PEXC160M  6'0 Med 8-15  1 pc bass, jig, twitch, dock casting, tube  $420.00

PEXC166M  6'6 Med 8-15  1 pc bass, spinner, jig, crank, tube            $449.00

PEXC166MH 6'6 MH 10-17 1 pc bass, pike, jig, tube, spoons              $449.00

PEXC170M   7'0 Med 8-15  1 pc bass, jig, tube, spoon, crank              $459.00

PEXC170MH 7'0 MH 10-17 1 pc bass, pike, carolina, tube, jig              $459.00

PEXC170H   7'0 Hvy 12-20 1 pc pike, bass, spoon, tarpon, jig             $459.00

PEXC176MH 7'6 MH  10-17 1 pc pike, bass, bucktail, spoon, inshore $489.00



Frank Lepera
   Caught on the Payara Series
7’ Med


Chris Standhardt
Caught on the Payara Series 7’ Med

Jamie Trapp
Caught on the Payara  6’6 Med Lt

Hall Of Fame Spence Petros
"I use Grandt rods for almost all of my fishing. My favorite drop-shotting rod is the Grandt Payara rated for 6 to 10 pound test. This 7-footer Med Lite has the kind of sensitive tip that is ideal for this finesse technique or for anything else where “touch” is really needed."  

Payara Rod

Payara Featherweight Series
(RP Designates Reserve Power)

Model LG Action/Line Wt pcs Recommended Use Cost  
PXS156MLRP 5’6 Md Lt 8-12 1 Walleye, Sm Bass, Crappie, Lt Jigging, Finesse, Porgy 390.00
PXS156MRP 5’6 Md 8-15 1 Walleye, Perch, Porgy, Finesse, Jigs, Sm Bass, Vertical Jigging 390.00
PXS160LRP 6’0 Lt 6-10 1 Walleye, Crappie, Jigging, Finesse, Perch, Sm Bass 390.00
PXS160MLRP 6’0 Md Lt 8-12 1 Walleye, Bass, Jigging, Finesse 390.00
PXS160MRP 6’0 Md 8-15 1 Bass, Spinnerbait, Jigging, Walleye, Porgy, Perch 390.00
PXS160MHRP 6’0 Md Hvy 8-17 1 Bass, Jig, Pitch, Spinners, Spoons 390.00
PXS160HRP 6’0 Hvy 12-20 1 Bass, Spinner, Jig & Pig, Spoons, Pitch 390.00
PXS166LRP 6’6 Lt 6-10 1 Drop Shot, Walleye, Finesse, Porgy 419.00
PXS166MLRP 6’6 Md Lt 8-12 1 Drop Shot, Walleye, Jigging, Finesse 419.00
PXS166MRP 6’6 Md 8-15 1 Crank, Jig, Spinners, Bass, Walleye, 419.00
PXS166MHRP 6’6 Md Hvy 10-17 1 Bass, Pig & Jig, Pike, Spinners, Spoons 419.00
PXS166HRP 6’6 Hvy 12-20 1 Pike, Lrg Jig, Bass, Spinners, Spoons, Stripers, Deep Water Jig, Bluefish, Frogs 419.00
PXS170LRP 7’0 Lt 6-10 1 Drop Shot, Finesse, Walleye, Lt Jigs, Crankbait, Sm Bass 429.00
PXS170MLRP 7’0 Md Lt 8-12 1 Walleye, Drop Shot, Finesse, Lt Jigs, Crankbait, Sm Bass, Bass, Twitch Bait 429.00
PXS170MRP 7’0 Md 8-15 1 Lrg Crankbait, Spinnerbait, Tubes, Jigs 429.00
PXS170MHRP 7’0 Md Hvy 10-17 1 Plug Casting, Carolina Rig, Jigs, frogs, Bass, Pike, Bluefish, Striper 429.00
PXS170HRP 7’0 Hvy 12-20 1 Spoons, Deepwater Jigging, Carolina Rig, Bass, Pike, Striper, Bluefish, Lrg Spinners, Slop & Frogs, Peacock Bass 429.00
PXS176MH 7’6 Md Hvy 10-17 1 Carolina Rigs, Large Spinners, Spoons, Stripers, Bass, Walleye Troll, Redfish 459.00
Payara Featherweight Series 
(RP Designates Reserve Power)
PXC160MRP 6’0 Md 8-15 1 Bass, Crank, Spinners, Jigs, Pitch 390.00
PXC160MHRP 6’0 Md Hvy 8-17 1 Bass, Jig, Pig and Jigs, Pitch, Spoons 390.00
PXC160HRP 6’0 Hvy 12-20 1 Pike, Bass, Pig & Jig, Spoons, Plugs 390.00
PXC166MLRP 6’6 Md Lt 8-12 1 Crank, Finesse, Walleye, Sm Jig, Drop Shot, Bass, Rattletraps 419.00
PXC166MRP 6’6 Md 8-15 1 Bass, Crank, Pitch, Jig, Spinnerbait, 419.00
PXC166MHRP 6’6 Md Hvy 10-17 1 Bass, Hvy Crank, Pitch, Pig & Jig, Topwater, Spinner and Buzzbait 419.00
PXC166HRP 6’6 Hvy 12-20 1 Pike, Bass, Peacock Bass, Bluefish 419.00
PXC170LRP 7’0 Lt 8-12 1 Crankbait, Drop Shot, Finesse 429.00
PXC170MLRP 7’0 Md Lt 8-12 1 Crankbait, Drop Shot, Finesse 429.00
PXC170MRP 7’0 Md 8-15 1 Plug Casting, Bucktail, Spinnerbait, Bass, Rattletraps, Walleye 429.00
PXC170MHRP 7’0 Md Hvy 10-17 1 Bass, Striper, Bucktail, Spinnerbait, Carolina Rig, Lrg Crankbait 429.00
PXC170HRP 7’0 Hvy 12-20 1 Pike, Bass, Peacock Bass, Striper, Carolina Rig, Slop Frogs 429.00
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