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Split Bamboo Fishing Rod Refinishing

Grandt removes the old finish and hardware without hurting the original hand planed tapers and prevents further delamination of the delicate cane. All labels stay intact to preserve the value of your classic. The blanks are hand etched in the enamel section of the rod and then re-impregnated to the original cane. When the cane is resealed to its original high gloss luster, whippings and hardware is put back on the rod and then preserved and laminated. Handles are cleaned, never sanded, as sanding takes away the original diameters of the cork. Reel seats and ferrules are checked for cracks and fit, all are reset if necessary.

Great pride is taken from the very first step, bringing your heirloom or classic rod back to better than new condition. Inquire for a free quote of this lost, professional worldwide service. With every completed refinish we offer you a replacement cost appraisal from Grandt Industries, Inc.

Call 847-577-0848 to get a quote on Refinishing your treasured Tonkin Cane Rods!

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