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Tuna Butterfly & Knife Jig Rods

Butterfly Jig, Knife Jig rods with full flex Technology
by Grandt Industries

“New Release” of jigging rods with superior flex and power. High modulus material in the rear section with composite tapers create an ultra thin blank diameter with the benefits of Kevlar, Eglass, and full high Strain Carbon Fibers with the ultimate 3 step Grandt Industries process. These rods are extremely lightweight with great full flex lifting and hooksetting power. These superior Jigging rods were perfected with the help of the finest Tuna Anglers of the East and West Coast. Engineered to perfection with such a powerful flex and taper creating the perfect vertical jigging rod for today’s toughest conditions and angling techniques. These are the finest jigging rods on the market today.

Component options include ultra thin slick butts or Closed Cell Foam with gimbal butt complimented with thin diameter closed cell foam foregrips. Guides are top-of-the-line CNC machined Nitrite Coated Stainless rings set into Stainless frames, to hold up to the toughest fishing conditions and braided lines. Channel lock machined reel seats top out these fine components and are backed with our Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty.

STUP158BFXH 1 pc 5’8 Ex Hvy 50-80 line 14-24oz lures Tuna, Grouper, Shark Cost: $489
STUP160BFL 1 pc 6’0 Lt 15-30 line 2-4 oz lures Striper, Snapper, Tuna Cost: $489
STUP160BFML 1 pc 6’0 Md Lt 20-40 line 3-6 oz lures Tuna, Snapper, Striper Cost: $489
STUP160BFM 1 pc 6’0 Md 25-50 line 5-8 oz lures Tuna, Grouper, Shark Cost: $489
STUP160BFH 1 pc 6’0 Hvy 30-60 line 8-15 oz lures Tuna, Shark, Grouper Cost: $489
STUP166BFMH 1 pc 6’6 M/H 30-50 line 6-10 oz lures Tuna, Grouper, Shark Cost: $489
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