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USA Private Label Available

Jim Grandt designing original models with the engineering team and spot checking manufacturing practice and quality.



*Offered through Grandt Industries, Inc.*

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Grandt Industries, Inc. offers a complete custom manufacturing program. We have the ability and know-how to create and design new models, actions, and tapers new to the Industry. State of the Art Manufacturing will be offered in Private Label rods to create any and all actions you do not see in our current line of products. Jim Grandt has the design and engineering knowledge and experience to set up your program with low minimums. A hand on detail in every program insures nothing but the highest quality products offered thru Grandt Industries, Inc.

If you have a specific need in length, action, or power, and need a company with 40 years of experience to bring your vision to reality, Grandt Industries, Inc. can provide you with the ultimate in manufacturing programs of all types of materials and actions built for your company, to your specifications. Custom Colors, Powers, and Tapers are countless and can be discussed in all actions of fresh or saltwater. Please inquire with Jim Grandt, President of Grandt Industries, Inc. for more details on this very unique and special program offered thru Grandt Industries, Inc.